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Analysis of travel policy compliance

You have 20 seconds to comply

TripScore will give you a quick, accurate overview of how compliant bookers and travellers have been with travel policy. You can identify the key performance indicators that really matter to you, such as who books early, what class of service they like to use and the most popular suppliers. TripScore gives you a single page overview of the details that matter to you, giving you a clear picture of the most and least compliant bookers and travellers.

League table

Who’s favourite for the Compliance Cup?

The League table rankings give you the ability to see how bookers and employees choices compare over time, with trip selections weighted and scored to let you know who are consistently the most compliant travellers. This is a great way to identify the best travellers and give incentives for staying compliant with travel policies.

Set custom targets for travellers

And the award for earliest booking goes to...

If you’re seeing common patterns within travel choices, you can set custom targets for bookers and travellers to improve their compliance with travel policy and to keep costs under control.

Show where & why costs were incurred

Frank does like those Champagne breakfasts

Identifying the areas where your costs are highest helps you decide how to manage your booking and travel policy. TripScore lets key stakeholders see exactly what money is being spent on, and whether those areas can be better managed to keep costs down.


Compare spend to industry standards

Par for the course or finding the hazards?

It can be difficult to ascertain where your costs are too high without knowing what typical spends are. Benchmarking allows you to look at your own costs against industry, market or account averages, so you’ll always know if you’re spending more or less than the average.


Track by GPS

No microchipping required

GPS tracking will let you know where your travellers are, giving you the assurance that they are safe.

Real Time Alerts

Firing up the bat-signal

Real Time Alerts keep travellers up to date with important security and travel information, helping them stay safe. These alerts will give travellers details of threats such as civil disruption, industry strikes and even terrorist attacks and instruct them on what to do in case of emergency. It also ensures that security managers can broadcast messages to travellers via SMS message.

Track by booking information

Much more helpful than breadcrumbs

You can track people by their booking information to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.

Yield Manager

Cost Comparison

A comparison tool without meerkats, robots or opera singers

Yield Manager gives you an insight into the commission you’re receiving from clients, giving you a picture of your most rewarding services, travellers and clients.

Analyse Yield

Reach for the abacus

You can drill down into different areas of the cost comparison to analyse yield based on a number of different factors, including suppliers, teams, booking agents or even individual accounts.

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