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Expansion Packs

Data Publisher

A full data makeover

Presenting your data doesn’t need to include a dull handful of printouts, you can make more of your presentations with stylish publication reports making data much easier to read and understand, as well as looking much more exciting. You can also compile different reports into a complete branded report pack.

Data Publisher - Expansion Pack


Why thank you Mr. Bates

The DataValet is really there to make sure that all your data is correctly recorded and formatted. It will check each record to make sure that all the required fields are present and correct so you don’t have incomplete records making a mess of your data.

DataValet - Expansion Pack
DataValet - Expansion Pack

Data Share

It’s nice to share

DataShare means you can generate reports and share data with people without giving them direct access to the system. They won’t need a license, training or even a login to the system, you can simply share a link to the information which they can access the data whenever they like and get real time updates. As the report creator, you can remove the report whenever you want, keeping control of who has access to the data.

Data Share - Expansion Pack

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