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Data Valet helps keep your data tidy and in order


Why thank you Mr. Bates

The DataValet is really there to make sure that all your data is correctly recorded and formatted. It will check each record to make sure that all the required fields are present and correct so you don’t have incomplete records making a mess of your data.


Custom Rules

Aces are high and deuces are wild

DataValet lets you create your own custom rules for data, which means you can get the information that is most important for you and your clients. So if you want to know what department, booker name or purchase order number goes with this record, you can set up a custom rule to check for and include this data.


AutoFixes and intelligence engine

The AutoFix system smart enough to know when someone’s name has been spelled incorrectly, and will fix the error and make sure there aren’t any duplications. It automatically corrects errors like this based on predefined rules, but it also learns the most common mistakes and suggests further AutoFixes to save you time in the future.


Manual Fixes

No need for a spanner

If the DataValet finds something it believes is an error, but doesn’t have an AutoFix to apply to it, it will flag it up to a system administrator with an online UI. So you can review the error, apply the right correction manually and then update the system.

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