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Travel management software that is powerful, fast and easy to use

Real Time Information

Presenting the present

No more delays whilst data gets compiled, processed and turned into reports. We don’t think you should be waiting minutes, let alone hours to access your data, so our SLAs are for 7 seconds for any report run within a client environment. Analytix means that you and your clients will have a real time view of how your accounts are performing.

Automated Report Generation

It’s nice to have some time on your hands.

Generating reports for you or your clients is time consuming, gathering the data from all the different sources, compiling and calculating - finding out something’s not quite right and trying to fix it. With Analytix you don’t need to worry. The automated reporting system finds all the data and will do the calculations for you. Or for your clients. They can directly access reports too, so they don’t need to come through you every time they want to see facts and figures.

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Customisable Dashboard

Nodding dogs not available

What’s the most important data for you? What’s most important for your client? Customise your dashboard so you can easily access the information that means the most to you and get a snapshot of your reports in real time.

Comprehensive Drill Down

A deeper level of understanding

A headline report can be great, but getting to grips with the details within it is much more useful for you and your clients. A comprehensive drill down into your reports means you can get much more out of it than just an overview - you can see all the way down to individual booking information of invoice details. When you can see the individual parts that make up your report, you get a much deeper understanding of the headline figures too.


Playing nicely with others

By working with data from your own back office and invoicing systems as well as directly from original booking sources, Analytix integrates 3 years of data history into your new system to make sure you've got all the information you need right from the very start. The automated system even cleans up the data so you don’t get any duplicated details and you won’t need to do any manual changes.

Client Access

A backstage pass for every client

Direct client access to Analytix reporting means that you won’t need to be the go-between for your client and their data any more. With secure login access on a dedicated sub-domain, your clients can simply log in to their own area and get real time information about their accounts.

TMC / Client Facing

Two faced isn’t always a bad thing

By giving you and your clients the data you need quickly and clearly, you can both save the time and effort it takes to compile and analyse reports. Your customised dashboard is set up for your key interests, and with real time reporting and the ability to export and drill down into reports, Analytix provides you with the flexibility to really understand and utilise your data.

White Labelled

Make it your own - or someone else’s

Our white label package means that the system can be branded for your company, giving your clients the comfort of a system that looks like your own proprietary solution. You can even offer your clients the system in their own branding for an additional fee.

Data Export

It doesn’t just take, it loves to give too

Exporting your reports into CSV or Excel formats means that you can access and analyse data outside of our Analytix framework. You can even select the data fields you’re interested in and customise the export to your own requirements. Keeping the system flexible allows you greater freedom in how you use the reports.

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