Analytix reinvents the way TMCs and travel managers view and analyse their travel data.

Analytix is a powerful cloud-based, business intelligence solution, that automates the consolidation of data from multiple back office and booking systems. It provides a single source of truth to TMCs and Travel Managers alike, via immediate, intuitive and interactive reports and customisable dashboards.

100% web-based, Analytix offers a clean and feature rich UI with modern interface and simple navigation providing visibility of important information, quickly.

Analytix at a glance.

  • Multi GDS Data Consolidation
  • Real-time and On-demand Access
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Multi-level Drill Downs
  • Back Load of Historic Data
  • Powerful Data Search
  • Fully Browser Based
  • Data Export Facilities
  • Subscription Based.Support Included

Key Features.

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By working with your own back office and point of sale systems, Analytix can integrate up to 3 years’ worth of historic data into one platform, giving you complete visibility of all the information you need, right from the start.

Analytix can also cleanse your data, removing duplicate entries and the need for manual changes. Whether you want it to be loaded weekly, daily or hourly we’ll work to your schedule and arrange an automated upload routine that meets your requirements.

Analytix also enables you to create and manage multiple dashboards. Quickly prepare and present multiple data sets across dashboards for as many clients and key stakeholders as required.

Data is knowledge and with Analytix you can transform huge amounts of data into real-time actionable reports and dashboards within seconds. We put data at the centre of your decisions enabling you to track how accounts are performing and provide key metrics to determine booking behaviour, trends, identify outliers, and unearth hidden insights.

Tell stories and take a journey through your data. With Analytix you can micro-analyse any data set right down to individual records so that you can quickly identify common trends within data sets without the need to generate multiple reports.

Traditionally, generating reports from multiple data was difficult, time consuming and often resulted in the delivery of inaccurate data, thus leading to a loss of confidence in the overall service.

With Analytix’ built in automation you and your clients can be assured of consistency in the way data is collected and guaranteed accuracy in the way data is reported. Analytix does all the calculations giving all users access to real time, validated data on demand from anywhere.

Analytix is delivered with a standard library of 40 reports with criteria that can be adjusted to create thousands of combinations of reports. There’s also the ability to compile branded report packs with DataPublisher. We can even work with you to create your own custom reports.

By providing direct client access to Analytix you no longer need to be the go-between for your client and their data.

With secure login access on a dedicated sub-domain, your clients can simply login to their own area and get real-time access to their data.

Being able to find exactly what you’re looking for is a wonderful thing. Being able to do so faster is priceless. Search any keyword or date range and Analytix will generate a list of relevant results within seconds.

Being able to find exactly what you’re looking for is a wonderful thing. Being able to do so faster is priceless. Search any keyword or date range and Analytix will generate a list of relevant results within seconds.

Advanced Functionality.

Flexible additional modules for total data management


Share and collaborate in
the cloud

DataShare enables you to schedule and share reports via a secure link so recipients can view and explore real-time data, on demand, on any device, without the need for them to have platform licenses.


Build and schedule customise
data exports

DataMine extracts new and enhanced data so you can to build and schedule customised reports and data exports the way you want.


Ensure that all of your data is correctly
recorded and formatted

DataValet is there to make sure that all your data is correctly recorded and formatted. With DataValet you can build custom data checks for specific clients to ensure that the data being sent is clean, relevant and meets the clients specific internal protocols.

As DataValet uses artificial intelligence, it will continue to learn and evolve, knowing when data has been entered incorrectly and fixing errors and duplications. Not only does it automatically correct errors, it also learns the most common mistakes and suggests further autofixes, saving you time.


Automatically compile a series of
reports into an attractively branded
report pack

Compile reports into a branded report pack with DataPublisher. Tailor reports specifically for clients and add comments and observations so important points are seen and understood.

DataPublisher also includes elements of DataShare which means recipients of report packs can also click on content within the PDF report pack to view the latest, interactive version of the report online, anytime.

We integrate with great partners and are trusted by great brands.

Our list of integration partners is growing all of the time. Below are a selection of companies who we are proud to call our integration partners.

We can also create custom solutions for TMCs who may have developed their own in-house systems, use less common platforms or have the odd quirky process. Whichever systems you use we’re sure to have a solution that meets your requirements.

Integration Partners

What our customers say.

“The flexibility and power of data valet has been a game changer for us as a TMC by completely removing the time consuming processes involved in cleaning and adjusting data every month.”

Kimberley Oprey. Operations Manager. Stewart Travel Management.