The World’s First Dedicated Airline Incentive Management Platform for Travel Agencies.

Farecast is a new airline incentive management platform developed to enable Travel Agencies, TMCs and Consortia to analyse and track the performance of their airline overrides and commercial contracts.

The platform provides instant access to detailed revenue and airline ticket statistics, partner contribution metrics and gives you the data and insights required to track the progress of airline incentives and negotiate the best possible deals for your agency or consortium members.

100% web-based, Farecast presents all data in a clean, intuitive interface that is easy to use and simple to navigate, providing visibility of important information, quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere.

Farecast at a glance.

  • Multi GDS Data Consolidation
  • Real-time and On-demand Access
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Deal Builder and Live Incentive Management
  • Revenue Forecasting and Market Share Analysis
  • Visualisation of Trends and Patterns
  • Data Export Facilities
  • Fully Browser Based
  • Subscription Based. Support Included

Key Features.

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The key to successful airline incentive management and negotiation is visibility of accurate data. Our fully interactive data dashboards allow you to quickly and easily view all your critical data, analyse KPI’s and visualise trends and patterns all in one place.

The simple interface allows you to compare, measure and forecast performance against contract targets and market expectations. Output is available in any currency.

Farecast enables users to create and manage multiple dashboards. Quickly prepare and present multiple data sets across dashboards for as many airlines, agencies or key stakeholders as required.

Set-up and manage all of your airline commercial deals, targets, incentives and overrides within Farecast.

Users can configure the terms of any airline contract and track live performance versus targets in order to measure incentives achieved and identify where agents or member agencies are booking off-contract.

Farecast can handle even the most complex contracts and will allow for the inclusion and/or exclusion of factors such as point of sale, O&D, class of travel, carrier, fare value, tax types, tax conditions and more.

Users can set multi-tier targets to track and forecast the performance of any deal in seconds.

If terms change you can quickly and easily adjust the parameters of your deal in real-time within Farecast, no need to start again. You can also simulate the impact of changes of the contract within the software.

The simple, intuitive incentive tracking built into Farecast shows users the current progress of each incentive deal and provides on-demand access to forecast performance against contract targets, areas of opportunity, areas of risk and more.

This increased visibility and control of your data will enable you to increase revenues, as well as the delivery of reliable data to assist airline negotiations. The detail and immediacy of the data means you can take fast, appropriate action based on key metrics, ensuring that airline revenues and booking trends can be tracked and override targets measured and achieved.

Tell stories and take a journey through your data. With Farecast you can micro-analyse any data set right down to individual records so that you can quickly identify air booking trends, volumes, revenues and opportunities.

Member contribution analysis allows Multi-branch Agencies, Agency Groups or Consortia to analyse how each branch or member agency is performing and contributing toward a contract or incentive whilst taking into account their relative size within the group to ensure that performance statistics are not merely based on revenue contributions.

Whether you are building a group-level user or an agency-level user Farecast puts you in complete control. Choose which features, content and data each user can access and tailor their setup to their role.

Get up and running in minutes and seamlessly add branches and users to your subscription as your needs grow. Farecast is a fully hosted solution, so you’ll never have to configure servers, manage software upgrades, or scale hardware capacity.

We take security seriously. All data is securely hosted and backed-up on dedicated servers. Our ISO27001:2013 accreditation is a commitment to ensure security is always delivered to the highest standard.

Connected and ready to go with any of the world’s leading GDS platforms.

With automatic connection to the world’s leading GDS platforms you can be confident that you’ll always have on-demand access to accurate, up-to-the-minute air booking information with Farecast.

What our Customers say.

“Farecast saves us hundreds of hours per year, drives consistency in our data and gives us the confidence that we are reporting to the airlines with 100% accuracy.”

Hazel Dawson.
Commercial Manager.
Focus Travel Partnership.