Our mission is to empower TMC’s across
the globe with accurate, accessible,
real-time data that drives success.

 It all started with two passionate people. One, a savvy travel business leader with a passion for data, and the other an expert in all things technical. Both were obsessed with solving complex problems in aggregating, consolidating, normalising, cleansing and visualising data for the travel industry. These were, and still are, the fundamental ingredients of Travelogix.


Analytix reinvents the way TMCs and travel managers view and analyse their travel data

Analytix at a glance:

  • Multi GDS Data Consolidation
  • Real-time and On-demand Access
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Multi-level Drill Downs
  • Back Load of Historic Data
  • Powerful Data Search
  • Fully Browser Based Data Export Facilities
  • Subscription Based. Support Included

Advanced Functionality.

Flexible additional modules for total data management


Share and collaborate
in the cloud


Build and schedule customise
data exports


Ensure that all of your data is
correctly recorded and formatted


Automatically compile a series of
report pack

The World’s First
Dedicated Airline
Incentive Management
Platform for
Travel Agencies.

Farecast is a new airline incentive management platform developed to enable Travel Agencies, TMCs and Consortia to analyse and track the performance of their airline overrides and commercial contracts.

Farecast at a glance:

  • Multi GDS Data Consolidation
  • Real-time and On-demand Access
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Deal Builder and Live Incentive Management
  • Revenue Forecasting and Market Share Analysis
  • Visualisation of Trends and Patterns
  • Data Export Facilities
  • Fully Browser Based
  • Subscription Based Support Included

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