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Travel Managers everywhere just breathed a huge sigh of relief

Travelogix provides TMCs and Travel Managers with immediate and easy access to travel management data, reports and analysis. The Travelogix suite of products helps TMCs to improve efficiency, reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction.

Analytix ™

Generating reports for you or your clients is time consuming, gathering the data from all the different sources, compiling and calculating - finding out something’s not quite right and trying to fix it. With Analytix you don’t need to worry. The automated reporting system finds all the data and will do the calculations for you. Or for your clients. They can directly access reports too, so they don’t need to come through you every time they want to see facts and figures.


  • Customisable dashboard
  • Comprehensive Drill Down
  • Real Time & On-Demand
  • Integration from existing systems, including 3 year data history

Expansion Packs

Add some extra features to your Analytix software to get even more out of the experience. Whether you want your software to learn how to fix errors, or you want to use your data to present to clients, you can expand your horizons with an Expansion Pack.

Data Publisher

  • - Make more of your presentations with stylish publication reports
  • - Compile different reports into a complete branded report pack

Data Share

  • - Share data with people without giving them direct access to the system
  • - You can remove the report whenever you want, keeping control of who has access to the data

Data Valet

  • - Data Valet makes sure that all your data is correctly recorded and formatted
  • - The system has built in rules or you can create your own for complete customisability

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