112 Unique TMC’s from 5 countries are seeing their data differently with Travelogix. Discover what they have to say.

“Travelogix provide us with a comprehensive data management system allowing us to analyse our clients spend and travel trends. Analytix allows us to produce professional, informative and easy to use reports in a matter of minutes both saving time and improving customer satisfaction”

“The support is second to none. The team, including senior management, are easily accessible, friendly and efficient.”

Martin Pearce.
Managing Director.
Omega Business Travel.

“Finally, released from the constraints of legacy back office MIS reporting, Travelogix revolutionary live reporting has transformed the way we view our clients’ data, helping us to manage them more efficiently, as well as providing professionally designed reports with up-to-the minute data. This is a game changer.”

Mark Colley.
Managing Director.
Sunways Business Travel.

“The flexibility and power of data valet has been a game changer for us as a TMC by completely removing the time consuming processes involved in cleaning and adjusting data every month.”

Kimberley Oprey.
Operations Manager.
Stewart Travel Management.

“Farecast provides the Focus Travel Partnership with the tools to collect and report on data from all our members collectively and then use this intelligently to work with our airline partners on directing bookings towards those with whom we have a commercial relationship. When working across multiple booking platforms, collecting data into one single solution with front end reporting is critical and Farecast gives us the tools to monitor and drive business proactively rather than reactively waiting for flown results from individual airlines.”

Abby Penston.
Chief Executive Officer.
Focus Travel Partnership.

“As a Consortium Member we absolutely welcome any advancements that benefit us as a collective group. This particular solution allows us to best utilise our own data through negotiations with the airlines; we can then share our competitive fares with our corporate clients. It’s a win-win as I see it for all parties in the supply chain.”

Scott Pawley.
Managing Director.
Global Travel Management.

“Farecast saves us hundreds of hours per year, drives consistency in our data and gives us the confidence that we are reporting to the airlines with 100% accuracy.”

Hazel Dawson.
Commercial Manager.
Focus Travel Partnership.

See data differently
with Travelogix.

Extract Data

Automatically consolidate data from multiple back office systems and point of sale systems – reducing the process from days every month to just seconds!

Clean Data

Remove duplicate entries and the need for manual changes.  Weekly, daily or hourly – schedule an automated upload routine that meets your requirements.

Present Data

Transform huge amounts of data into
real-time, intuitive and interactive reports and customisable dashboards, within seconds.