Travel Tech Show 2022: We are the Tech Village

Travel Tech Show 2022: We are the Tech Village

So, we’re nearly there.

With the Travel Tech Show 2022 under two weeks away, we thought we would celebrate by launching our interview series showcasing each of our partners – especially for the event.

Both Midoco and Travelogix deeply value collaboration, innovation, and partnerships – therefore we have created our very own ‘Tech Village’ at this year’s Travel Tech Show (stand L40)

Being stand hosts with Midoco, we will be presenting four category leaders to feature alongside us.

These partners share our values, our love of travel technology, and care about the shape of things to come in the business travel industry.

We will be joined by ground transportation experts, Jyrney, re-marketing specialists Grapevine, OBT leaders Atriis and lastly, carbon reduction and offsetting innovators, NetZero Group.

You will be hearing from our partners on what it means to be exhibiting at the TTS, we’ll be getting their thoughts on travel technology and the role this will play more broadly as the industry continues to forge ahead.

First up to talk all things TTS, we have CEO at Midoco Group, Steffen Faradi, and Chris Lewis, Founder and CEO at Travelogix.


Question How has 2022 been for Travelogix & Midoco?

Steffen Faradi – “Great question to begin with. As a matter of fact, trading has been surprisingly strong. Travel is resuming and the transaction levels running through Midoco are breaking one all-time high after another.

“Since June last 2021, the Midoco Group has won 123 new clients. Moreover, has the Umbrella Faces Profile Database grown to nearly 6mn profiles.  Which is amazing!

“There is pent-up demand in the market after the pandemic and people are evidently keen to travel, and that is shown quite clearly in black and white within the data we see from our customer’s trading.”

Chris Lewis – “Very positive, thank you. At the turn of the year, we sat down with the team to discuss the priorities going into 2022. We really wanted to consolidate our position in the UK and EU as the #1 travel data and analytics provider, but in doing that, we also wanted to reach new and exciting markets spanning the globe.

“True global growth was, and still is, number one on the agenda for 2022 – and our team couldn’t be more aligned.

“In terms of new partnerships, we have had a great start to 2022 in signing new agreements with multiple TMCs across Europe and integration partnerships with category-leading travel technology companies in Grapevine and Net Zero Group – who will both be featuring on our stand as part of our innovative Tech Village at this year’s TTS.”


QuestionNow that the industry seems to be heading in a more positive direction, how does it feel to be exhibiting at the TTS 2022?

SF: “Well, we’re super excited this year as we are there with a fresh and exciting new concept. We’re partnering with our good friends at Travelogix to create our very own ‘Tech Village’ at which we have some tech innovators exhibiting some of the coolest new ideas in the market.

“We actually are showcasing several providers on the stand that show exactly the kinds of systems that partner with and that push at the boundaries of the travel industry’s capabilities.”

CL: “It feels like it should! I mean we’ve attended events and partner meetings since the grip of the pandemic was loosened but attending such a prestigious show as our industry begins to rebuild feels quite special.

“Taking part in such a collaborative way seems very appropriate too. We fought our way out of the pandemic together as an industry, and here we find ourselves staging a collaborative stand with our partners and industry friends & colleagues – it has worked out perfectly.”


QuestionWhat are the expectations for the TTS this year?

SF: “Travel is back, and we want to be the vehicle you ride towards a brighter future!

“Honestly, there is so much great tech out there and we really feel that we’re the tool to build a great tech stack with and to make it work.

“We want to encourage the discussions on how to prepare for, and benefit from, the future of the travel industry from a technology point of view.

“We have vast experience and understand the relevant topics that are alive in the market right now, and we’re looking forward to having those conversations and creating some really great outcomes for our customers and the wider market.”

CL: “We know that we offer uniquely powerful platforms, that solve complex problems for TMCs. So, events like this are a fantastic way of demonstrating that at scale.

“Demonstrating our solutions is truly the point of difference – witnessing firsthand what our platforms are capable of is really where the value lies for the TMCs looking to get a better understanding of what we do, and how on earth we do it!

“Aside from that – we expect to connect with many industry friends and colleagues across the two days and learn more about where the industry might be heading in 2022 and beyond.”


QuestionWhat are your thoughts about our collaborative stand? Also, why was it important to exhibit in this way – with four leading technology partners?

SF: “As I mentioned earlier, this is new and exciting – and I think necessary.

“Collaborating in this way allows us to showcase how leading tech products can work together and open opportunities for customers.

“The stand helps to visualise this approach in a very simple way. Attendees will be able to walk the stand and see the possibilities right there in front of them. It’s a great starting point for innovation.”

CL: “The central values here at Travelogix revolve around collaboration and innovation. We value our partners and welcome new partnerships and opportunities to collaborate. Curating a stand of this nature directly falls in line with our beliefs so we couldn’t be more thrilled.

“The partners we have chosen to feature on our stand also share our passion for travel tech (so yes, they’re geeks too)”

“You would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate individual about all things ground transport than Daniel Price, CEO at Jyrney.

“We then have Jack Dow, Founder and CEO at the award-winning re-marketing specialists, Grapevine.

“Thirdly we have, Kai-Gordon Weiland Senior Vice President for Sales and Customer Success at leading OBT, Atriis and lastly, we have Mark Hammond, Founder of a new and exciting addition to the sustainability landscape, Net Zero Group.”


QuestionDo you feel that travel technology will continue to play a crucial role in the recovery of our industry?

SF: “Technology has always played a crucial role and absolutely will continue to. Technology is an enabler, and this is ever truer post-Covid.

“The pandemic has highlighted just how important the role of technology in stormy weather can be. We’re here to create efficiency at scale in any situation.

“The thought isn’t new, but in the end, Covid has really shown why it is true, and proved once again that you need to invest to grow.”

CL: “Absolutely. But as Steffen has rightly said, technology has always played a crucial role in our industry.

“Technology enables TMCs to work more efficiently across multiple markets, for multiple clients. It assists with just about every function in the booking process; pre, during, and post-trip.”

“As we continue through recovery, technology will not only continue in this vein, but it will also help shape the industry for years to come. Innovation is a must for the industry and we here at Travelogix place a lot of value on the betterment of solutions for TMCs around the globe.”


Question Why do you place such a value on collaboration at Travelogix & Midoco?

SF: “Partnerships have a high priority at MIDOCO. It’s in our DNA. Partners and clients understand the value that we create as much as we do and vice versa. It’s so important that this is a two-way street, an open conversation! There is a story to tell and that’s why we are at the TTS.

CL: “When developing platforms and products here at Travelogix, we consult directly with our clients at our Client Assembly to find out what is really needed. We’re with our partners to ensure we’re not only solving the problems they have today, but we’re anticipating what will be required in the future.

“As Steffen coins, it’s in our DNA.”

“The TTS gives us the perfect platform to better understand the needs of new partners, whilst continuing to listen and engage with existing customers and integration partners.”

For more info on how Travelogix can change your view of data, or if you want to learn more about how Midoco is able to provide such an innovative and efficient mid/back-office platform – please swing by and see us on Stand L40 on June 29 and 30.