Coronavirus: Travelogix Deploys Dev Resources to COVID-19 Tracker

Coronavirus: Travelogix deploys dev resources to COVID-19 insights platform

UK travel data analyst Travelogix has refocused its technology development resources to creating a free COVID-19 outbreak insights platform.

The firm says the service will provide its travel management company clients with critical tools, information and communications services to help maintain operations during the crisis.

Travelogix has moved the majority of its development team’s focus to producing the temporary platform.

It will provide up to date information relating to the COVID-19 outbreak and data related to travellers who have travelled, are travelling in or due to travel to affected regions.

The application will be provided free of charge to Travelogix clients running the Analytix or Farecast platforms and was made available from last Thursday.

Chris Lewis , Travelogix chief executive and founder said: “We will do everything we can to support our clients impacted by the coronavirus outbreak by committing our technology, expertise in data, and agile approach to development and customer service.

“We created Travelogix to be a reliable source of business critical data that would help TMCs improve operations and service delivery.

“The foundation of the business has always been genuine care for our clients. These are our core values and we believe that every business has a responsibility to contribute positively to their industry, particularly during times of crisis.

“With this in mind, we are doing everything we can to provide resources and support to TMCs navigating the coronavirus outbreak.

“This includes the development of a new complimentary platform that will help our clients identify travellers who have travelled to, are currently travelling in or are due to travel to countries affected by COVID-19 along with the latest statics related to the outbreak per country.

“We hope that as the industry recovers the application will also assist TMCs as we begin navigating toward recovery.”