Travelogix pen three-year contract extension with UK-based TMC client, DP&L.

Travelogix pen three-year extension with UK TMC, DP&L

Hot on the heels of four customer renewals in the past five weeks, we have secured a multi-year agreement extension with DP&L, members of the Advantage Travel Partnership and Focus Travel Partnership.

DP&L will continue its usage of Travelogix’s reporting platform, Analytix, and the modules that sit within, which include – DataShare, DataPublisher and DataValet.

They have also secured Geo, Travelogix’s answer to duty of care for global TMCs. Geo passively tracks travellers based on the data within their itinerary and now enables TMCs to steer away from enterprise-targeted solutions that can often be out of reach for SME TMCs.

Alick Bisset, CEO at DP&L, commented:

“Here at DP&L Travel Management, we are delighted to have renewed our contract with Travelogix, whose reporting tool allows our customers direct access to all their travel data in a user-friendly manner.

“Key to our decision to renew with Travelogix was their new Geo feature which provides a duty of care platform giving real-time information on traveller locations, up-to-date risk information, security alerts, and country-level health updates – allowing our team and our customers to always monitor the traveller’s safety.

“In addition, the enhanced CO2 reporting will not only allow us to assist our customers in monitoring and reporting on their carbon footprint but assist them in their decision-making process to reduce their CO2 impact.

“We look forward to rolling out the enhanced feature to our customers and to continuing our great working relationship with Travelogix in the years to come.”

 Chris Lewis, Founder and CEO at Travelogix, commented:

“To have another long-term Travelogix client renew clearly showcases our commitment to maintaining our client relationships around the globe.

“Working with someone like Alick, who is building a strategy around the deployment of Analytix to his corporates in 2024, is a joy for my team and I, and we look forward to supporting DP&L in any way we can moving forward.

“We thank the entire management team at DP&L and look forward to another innovative three years.”