Sarah Wheeldon Steps Into New Customer Relations Manager Role

Sarah Wheeldon Steps Into New Customer Relations Manager Role

Following the stresses that the global pandemic has put on all our clients’ businesses in 2020 and 2021; we recognise that we will be required to provide our clients with enhanced support and engagement services as the industry recovers.

As a key objective, Travelogix are committed to providing a greater focus on one-to-one client account management to further strengthen our existing relationships and complement our existing first-class support services.

As part of a strategic re-shuffle to meet these objectives and deliver on a separate global engagement strategy, Sarah Wheeldon has been promoted to Client Relations Manager effective immediately.

Sarah’s new role will be key to our overall strategy and will be vital to us supporting a recovering industry and client base over the coming months. She will also help Travelogix expand into new markets and assist the rollout of exciting new products during the third and fourth quarters of 2021.

Sally-Anne Houlker, Director of Product Operations at Travelogix commented, “As we re-define the roles and responsibilities within the Operations team, we recognise that a robust, but agile, approach to customer support, service and engagement is needed across our account management functions. 

“Our aim is to further strengthen our industry relationships and Sarah’s role change will help us to achieve this. Sarah’s response time and her demeanour is a customer’s dream. 

“We consistently receive first class feedback from our customers on Sarah’s service and support approach. Her skillset is perfectly matched for this exciting new role and I’m excited to see what she can achieve moving forward, so this move is a natural step for her.”

Sarah joined Travelogix in 2016 as a Product Specialist primarily focusing on product and client support. She was key to the project which saw us move all clients to Analytix V2 during 2020 and she continues to demonstrate the Travelogix values of excellence in service and support that cements her as an important member of the team.

Congratulations and good luck in your new role, Sarah.