Travelogix ink three-year deal with sustainability-focused TMC, COCO+.

Travelogix agree three-year partnership with sustainability-focused TMC, COCO+

We have inked a three-year partnership with COCO+, an exciting new TMC that holds true sustainability at its very core.

This agreement, which is effective immediately, sees COCO+ utilise the full suite of modules within our market-leading reporting platform, Analytix.

New to the TMC landscape, COCO+ has already acquired key technology partners in ProCon and Vibe to deliver the best-in-class solutions to incoming corporate customers.

The agreement falls in line with the global strategic growth for both companies and will pave the way for more collaboration in the sustainability space within travel.

Phil Brown, COO and Co-Founder at COCO+ commented:

“Our plan from the start was to be a ‘technology first’ travel provider; sourcing the best-in-class partners to help us bring our vision to life. Real-time reporting was a must for us to deliver a fully rounded and informative experience for our customers.

“We believe data can tell a story. It encourages engagement and can ultimately help influence decision-making for the future.

“Partnering with Travelogix has helped us to realise our vision and we can’t wait to expand on our partnership with them as we embark on our ambitious journey of bringing purposeful sustainable travel to the business community.”

Tahir Zia, Director of Sales at Travelogix, commented:

“In this post-pandemic world, we fully understand the crucial role sustainability will play in the recovery of responsible travel.

“Greener choices down the supply chain, sector-wide ESG commitments, and the accurate tracking of carbon emissions will all play their part in a more responsible approach to business travel.

“To that point, this new partnership with sustainable TMC, COCO+, shows our intent to work with the exciting companies who are entering this space.

“We believe in COCO+’s mission, and we couldn’t be more aligned when it comes to sustainability, technology, and collaboration.

“Our team at Travelogix are excited about what the future holds and look forward to working alongside this exciting new TMC.”