Travelogix Completes AGM Integration & Launches with Munckhof in Netherlands

Travelogix Completes AGM Integration and Launches with Munckhof in Netherlands

We are thrilled to announce that we have completed our integration with Amadeus AGM mid/back-office platform and have subsequently launched our products with Netherlands-based, Munckhof Business Travel.

The new partnership includes the development of the dedicated AGM data handler which provides Munckhof with a completely automated and touchless data transfer from AGM directly into the Analytix suite in real-time using the AGM XML.

As a result of this development, Travelogix are now able to accept data from any TMC using the AGM XML or GEF files and extend our capabilities to serve more of the market in Europe.

Continuing our development into a recovering European market in 2021, we are truly demonstrating our desire to be the data and reporting solution of choice to TMCs and travel managers, whilst supporting clients old and new in a post-pandemic world.

Along with the bespoke nature of the AGM integration, this agreement also falls in line with our strategy of international growth and innovation.

Munckhof will use all elements within the Analytix suite and will launch immediately.

Tom Roefs, CEO at Munckhof commented; “To be able to predict the future you need access to historical travel data.

“Our partnership with Travelogix gives us, and our customers, a deep and accurate insight into travel data and creates the opportunity to analyse this data in a very professional and user-friendly way.

“This will lead to improvement of travel programs and supports our ambition to go the extra mile for our customers.”

Chris Lewis, Founder and CEO at Travelogix commented; “As we move through the pandemic and into a more prosperous future for travel, it is important we do this with multitude of strategic clients across a myriad of recovering markets, and Munckhof is certainly one of those clients.

“Further expanding our reach in the Netherlands is an example of our drive to not only help multiple markets recover through innovative and robust travel technology, but it also highlights our desire to grow our presence globally.

“We will continue our push to be recognised as the travel tech innovator of choice and we look forward to collaborating with Munckhof as they navigate their way out of the pandemic.

“We here at Travelogix are extremely proud to be working with such a well-respected TMC in Munckhof and look forward to a bright road ahead.”